The MedicalCard


So what is the MedicalCard?

Simply put, the MedicalCard is a card personal to you, that you should carry with you wherever you go. The card is the same size as a standard credit/debit card and is designed to fit perfectly into your wallet/purse withMedicalCardclearly visible at the top. By having one of our MedicalCard’s, your chances of receiving the correct treatment efficiently are greatly improved! At only £1.99, it’s a small price to pay to save your life!


All your medical information, in one placeMedicalCard letter and card


How can I get a MedicalCard?

We’ve tried to make ordering your MedicalCard as easy as possible. Therefore there are a couple of different ways to do this:


Online Application Form

Visit our online store to view the full MedicalCard range and make your purchase. Towards the bottom of each MedicalCard, you’ll find an application form. Simply fill out this form and press ‘submit’. You will need to input your order number on this as we receive a lot of online applications per day and is important to match your completed data to your order.


Application Form via post

We can also offer to send you an Application Form through the post. Simply return this to us in the envelope provided. Various payment methods are available and full details are on the Application Form on Section 4.


How much does a MedicalCard cost?

Our MedicalCard’s cost just £1.99 – a small price to pay to save a life! With no hidden charges or subsription fee’s, we pride ourselves on the fact that we are the only no-strings-attached Medical Card provider in the UK.



Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what other people have to say…

Tracey D – “Brilliant idea, fits in my wallet perfectly!”

Mr. Turnbull – “I would definitely recommend having one of these cards. Perfect idea and the process was fast and easy. Very helpful bunch”

S. Khan – “Great product indeed. Thank you for the amazing and personal service. I shall take this card with me everywhere I go. Such a great idea as I have lots of medical conditions and medication to go with – just slots straight into my purse and I know it will help to save my life one day if I ever need it to.”