Menu Printing

On today’s menu, we have our Menu Printing service. With a dash of American-style!



Our menu’s are printed on 80gsm paper stock (Slightly larger than A4) and enclosed in a wipe-clean cover, otherwise known as the ‘Jurby’ menu sleeve/folder, with brass corners for extra protection.

These are an American style menu cover that are not usually available in the UK, These folders/sleeves are a 1-page view (two sides). Tetra Printing Solutions are proud to have these and would be a real treat to any Restaurant or Bar.

You won’t find this service – or these folders at this price – anywhere else in the UK!

You can either send us your complete design, or you can utilise our FREE basic design service on your menu’s. By basic, we mean using your logo and any other images you may want on the design, alongside your food options!

  • Sold individually or in sets of 5, 10, 20 and 50.
  • Double-Stitched synthetic black leather edge, with gold decorative edges for extra protection.
  • Wipe-Clean.


Coming Soon – Subsidised Menu Printing

Completely new to the UK!


Tetra Printing have been serving the printing needs of the UK since 2012. In order to serve our restaurant customers better, as well as many of our other customers who provide a service or product, we will be offering a subsidised menu printing service. Restaurants/Bars/Diners etc can get their Menu’s for FREE! Our Subsidised Menu Printing is currently in preperation, but here’s how it works…

Our restaurant customers need menus, and our business customers need a means to get their name out to the public. This is where the idea of advertising businesses on the back page of a menu was born. In return, our restaurant customers get their menu’s for FREE!

Each menu advert is approximately business card size and is tastefully created and printed in bold color for the dine-in menus. We can use your existing logo artwork in the ads.


We are now starting to compile a list of customers who wish to have an advert printed. We hope you will consider advertising your business in one of our fine restaurants’ menus and together we can all help support our local businesses. Please get in touch with Tanya on for rates and further information.